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Our history and mission.

Townhall In 2014, we launched Townhall Interactive, the trusted provider for telephone town halls and interactive constituent tools. We are the sister company to Campaign Marketing Strategies (CMS), a company that was founded in 2006 to give corporations, candidates, and advocacy groups the most effective communications tools for the fight.

Townhall Interactive provides first-rate conference call and telephone town hall services. We have an array of clients that range from state and national officeholders to trade associations and non-profits. We are the premier company for interactive town halls.



Hitting the target.

Hitting the Target We are the preferred partner for organizations ranging from leading trade associations to non-profit groups. From city council races and presidential campaigns to hundreds of national and grassroots causes, we deliver smart, targeted messages to the audiences who matter at the moment it matters most.

This is our mission. If you’re ready to make an impact, we stand ready to help!

Telephone Town Halls

It has been nearly 140 years since Alexander Graham Bell’s invention revolutionized communication. Today, the telephone town hall is changing the way citizens interact with their leaders and shape the public debate. Townhall Interactive makes sure this important tool is effectively deployed to the largest possible audience. Whether it is hosting a live forum for a candidate or lawmaker, building support or opposition for a policy proposal or expanding an email list, we have guided hundreds of thousands of participants in successful, interactive town hall conversations.



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